Manufacturers and distributors of perfume from France. Perfume concentrate for industry For product production


French perfume manufacturer for Fine Perfumes, Cosmetics, Hair Shampoos, Shower Gels, Aromatherapy, Liquid Soap, and spa products. We produce  perfume for  many leading global companies. Around the world. We have uniqueb scents, long lasting and good prices.

 in Thailand, we sell to many major companies and Perfume shops. Because we are a perfume importer from our own factory in France, we are the largest importer of perfume in Thailand, with a world-class standard of perfume production and delivery to destinations around the world.

Importers and distributors of Floressence French fragrances for perfume, cosmetics & toiletries products. The right use of perfume to suit the job. Available in stock ready to deliver. Shipping and postal service throughout the country; Eau de Parfum V : a pen-shaped bottle  for only 39 baht per piece, taxes included. If interested in buying for resale in the general market, you can contact 089 798 6759.


Grand opening Perfume leavening exhibition

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Product Description

Our Floressence fragrances are tailored and manufactured for different applications, developing the best smell and long lasting. without making a lot of waste. We design Floressence perfumes specifically for business companies looking for a unique scent.

We supply perfume compasitions to companies and perfume stores nationwide. Excellet price for a French  quality and style. We work alongside  with the Research & Development management from France - they came often to Thailand. We are available for consultation and to help the customer with the best, fast, pleasant scents. ready to mix & create.

Interested in ordering a perfume bottle from France contact Fifth Avenue - Floors St.

Call 02-286-5795,089-798-6759

Wholesale-Perfume: designer fragrances and more.Raw material: Ethanol: Ethanol Alkaline-Musk-Musk Galaxolide -White Musk. Fragrance compositions for Cosmetics, such as talcum powder, facial cream, facial foam, shampoo, shower cream, liquid soap, bar soaps etc. Import and distribution of perfume bottle packaging. Tester bottle, perfume bottle, glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic spray bottle aluminum bottle.

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